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Basics for Believers

A review by Rochelle Seukaran D A Carson’s book Basic for Believers is a helpful read as it explains the letter of

What is the Mission of the Church?

A review by Brenda Daniels. In this book authors Keven Deyoung and Greg Gilbert examine the extent to which the church should be

What Do You Want for Christmas?

By Brenda Daniels  What do you want for Christmas this year? A bit of peace and quiet perhaps? Busy shops, busy town,

Pumpkin Party!

An article by Imogen Schafer. The time had come once again. The months of planning and designing the costumes had reached a close

Give It to God

Do you compartmentalise your life and as a result struggle to give everything to God in prayer? I do. I found this

The Hospitality Commands

Have you struggled to show hospitality towards others? I certainly have. Over the years comparing myself to other welcoming people has left

Hope Beyond Cure

Have you had, or are you presently suffering from, cancer? Is someone close to you in that position? Then perhaps this little

Delighting in the Trinity: A Review

The Trinitarian nature of the Christian God has been viewed by many as a mystery, a difficult concept that can't easily be

Castaways and Survivors Attend Holiday Club

An article by Imogen Schäfer Much anticipated CCU's Holiday Bible Club kicked off on the 14th of July and carried on till

By God’s Grace

I have friends who like to ensure that they are constantly reminding themselves and others about the grace of God. The way