The Freedom of Self-forgetfulness

The Freedom of Self-forgetfulness by Tim Keller


When we trust in the work that Jesus has done on the cross, we are not only liberated from the burden of sin, we are free from the judgement of others and even judging ourselves. The only opinion that matters is our Lord’s. It only matters what He thinks of us. Whether you are a self-hating person or a self-loving person, this short, excellent, to-the-point book helps us see just how we will always fall short when we worry about what other people think of us or look to puff up our egos. Tim Keller speaks about a wonderful freedom that comes with a gospel-humility as he uses a passage in 1 Corinthians, where the apostle Paul call us to find true rest in blessed self-forgetfulness. A self-forgetfulness where we stop connecting every experience and what’s happening around us to ourselves. Tim Keller shows that a puffed-up ego is just as bad as self-condemnation. And a truly, gospel-humble person is free from either.

Reviewed by Claude Thanjan

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