What should I do now that I’m a Christian?

What Should I Do Now That I’m A Christian?

Sam Emadi’s book gives insightful, practical advice for walking the Christian journey. The book is part
of a larger collection called “Church Questions” and this particular book covers eight foundational
steps that we should pursue after accepting Jesus into our life (with reasons), which are
supplemented by relatable real-life experiences and stories that Emadi has collected.

The foundational steps include baptism, joining a local church, attending church, studying the bible,

regular prayer, being discipled, giving to the church, and evangelising to the lost.
The book is easy read, and a useful resource to help build a good foundation if you are a new
Christian seeking answers to “what next?” It provides a realistic view of Christian living – difficulties
included. Emadi says, “Having the right expectations informs how we respond to our circumstances
[…] We must always remember that following Jesus is costly, but it’s also worth it.”

Emadi’s book also helps if you want to get back to basics and remind yourself of the core aspects to
Christian lifestyle. In my case (already being on the Christian journey), the book helped ‘clear the
smokescreen’ around Christian living and helped me to familiarize myself with where I should be
focusing my efforts once again. Prior to reading the book, I had doubts of how helpful it would be to
me, but I was pleasantly surprised to learn otherwise. One of the steps – being discipled – I hadn’t
even fully realised! I knew that as Christians we need to build each other up, but I did not fully
comprehend the importance of having Christian mentors to help guide you through your daily life
and throughout your daily life. 

Emadi says the following:
Discipling relationships are crucial to the Christian life. Hopefully, your local church has more
seasoned brothers and sisters in the faith who have walked the path of obedience and learned
lessons they can pass on to you. Through our relationships with them, we learn how to walk with
God. Jesus and the apostles modeled discipling relationships for us. Jesus spent intentional time with
his disciples, teaching them how to follow him. Some of this happened through formal teaching but
much of it was informal as they simply lived life together (John 13). […] If we follow the pattern of
Jesus and the apostles, we’ll pursue discipling relationships in our local church. We will disciple and
be discipled.

Every statement is clear and is backed up with Biblical reference – making it easy for the reader to
cross reference what Emadi says with what the Word says, as well as to dive deeper into certain
topics. With that being said, the book also provides a list of recommended resources at the end of it,
consisting of reading plans and other Christian books.
The book is available on crossway.org to be bought as paperback, eBook, or audiobook for a sensible
price. I found this book to be succinct and refreshing, with a good balance of challenge and
encouragement. It gets a thumbs-up from me.
– William Owen

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