As a church family we grow and serve together. God’s word draws us closer to Him and he is continually at work in our lives. In response to this, as well as the good news of Jesus Christ and how he loved and served us, we are called and encouraged to serve. 

There are many ways to get involved at CCU. Have a look at some of the ways you could get involved and contact us at

“Let the message of Christ dwell among you richly as you teach and admonish one another with all wisdom through psalms, hymns, and songs from the Spirit, singing to God with gratitude in your hearts.” – Colossians 3:16 

1.Visuals (Computer slides): 
We want to make sure that our visuals are clear and never distract from God’s word so that the word of Christ may dwell in us richly. 
Time required:
3 hours every 2 weeks on a Sunday. This includes coming earlier on Sunday and helping the band rehearse with the use of lyrics.
2.Sound in the AM
The hearing of God’s word is imperative. We want to make sure that our sound can be heard clearly and never distracting from God’s word (we don’t always get this right!). Also when we sing as a church, we are encouraged to sing to him with gratitude in our hearts, so we want to try and make sure that our sound is mixed and can be sung along to, and that Jesus Christ is given all the glory.
Time required:
4.5 hours every 2 weeks on Sunday. This includes a Thursday 6pm rehearsal the week you are on and setting up earlier on a Sunday for our two morning services.
Serving in the band is never about us. It is all about Jesus Christ. Just as Jesus came to serve us we are here to serve him by giving our God given gifts to serve one another so that Jesus is praised.
We’d love to chat if you are keen to help with any of the following:
– Singing
– Guitar
– Bass
– Piano/keyboard
– Drums
– Other musical instrument
Time required:
4.5 hours every 2 weeks on Sunday. This includes a Thursday 6pm rehearsal  the week you are on and setting up earlier on a Sunday for our two morning services.

Coming to church on a Sunday can be a really daunting experience. Much like our own family lunches on a Sunday we want newcomers at CCU warmly welcomed into our church family. This team includes the friendly ‘hello’ in the parking lot, helping people to their seats, and being intentional about having post-service conversations. Why not serve Jesus by welcoming and making new people feel comfortable at CCU?


Parking lot / front door welcomers



Serve every second Sunday:

For 8:00 am service. Arrive at 7:30 am 

For 9:45 am. Arrive at 9:15 am

Here at CCU we value community and fellowshipping with one another. A wonderful way to do that is by having a cup of tea or coffee together after the service. 


Tea/coffee servers


You’ll join a wonderful team and serve once a month at the 8:00 AM or 9:45 AM service

You’ll arrive slightly earlier to help set up and help clean up afterwards

At CCU, we believe Kids Ministry to be a wonderful privilege—getting to witness firsthand how God is at work in raising up a new generation of believers. Our kids team get to be apart of sowing the seed of faith in our children, one which we pray that the Lord would nurture as they grow, and hopefully one day, producing wonderful fruit for God’s Kingdom. Our goal for our children, is the same for our adults; to know King Jesus, and make Him known.

That said, I’d like to extend an invitation to all the members of our CCU family to come and join us in this amazing task.


For a Teacher

Be at church 45 minutes before the service begins to set up and pray together as a team.

Serve every second Sunday for a term at a time.

An hour and a half prep time per lesson.

Termly team training and meeting.

For a Helper

Be at church 45 minutes before the service begins to set up and pray together as a team.

Serve every second Sunday for a term at a time.

Very little preparation (unless asked to help with something by the teacher you’re assisting).

Termly team training and meeting.

For CCU Holidays

One Sunday in each of the school holidays to give the regular teachers a break.

An hour and a half prep time.

Please Note: All our volunteers working with our CCU Kids are required to undergo background checks (which we facilitate at CCU). This is to ensure that our children can learn and grow in faith in a safe environment.

Connect Youth is our ministry to our highschool teenagers. We long to see this generation of teenagers growing in love of and obedience to Jesus. This takes place through various forms of discipleship programmes on Fridays and Sundays.


1. Friday nights are focused on engaging our teenagers and their worldview with the gospel through a short talk. We aim to connect with them relationally through chats, games and group times.

2. On Sundays during the 9:45 service we host ‘Connect Church,’ which is a 30 minute growth-group style meet-up for younger teens. The aim of our time is to equip them to better engage with the sermon on Sunday mornings.


1. Friday, Connect Youth – 3 hours per week (18:30-21:30)

2. Sunday, Connect Church – 4 hours per month (bi-weekly Sundays)

Please note: All our volunteers working with our CCU teens are required to undergo background checks (which we facilitate at CCU)

A wonderful way you might like to get involved is through hospitality. We love to make people feel comfortable and at home, or to lend a helping hand where we can. One of the ways we can do this is through preparing meals or helping in the kitchen. 


1. Prepare a meal for Discover Jesus. Discover Jesus is a course where people often come to hear about Jesus for the first time, and in a real and meaningful way. We want to make those that attend feel welcome and at home, and what better way than to share a meal together. What would be required? Well, we would kindly ask you to prepare a meal for around 10 people once every term.

2. Serving at Discover Jesus. Another way you could help at Discover Jesus, is by helping in the kitchen on the night. We need someone to help serve the meal and lend a hand with tidying up afterwards. It’s a 6-week course, and we would kindly ask you to help on 3 of the 6 occasions. It’s a wonderful way to serve and meet new people.

3. Prepare a mercy meal. Sometimes our church family fall on hard times, whether it be financial or otherwise. A wonderful way we can help is to prepare and drop off a meal for them. Meals are always so greatly appreciated and it is one less thing for the family to worry about. Alternatively, we do also like to keep a few frozen meals on hand in case of an emergency. And so, you’re also welcome to drop off a frozen meal, or even some non-perishable food items, which we’ll distribute when a need arises.

4. Other events. We hold various events at CCU and often there is a need for catering at these events. If you would like, we can add you to the general catering team, and contact you when a need arises. You would then be able to let us know if you can assist.

As a church family we want to be spending time together outside of the Sunday gathering. We need a team that can be involved in dreaming up events, planning them to the finer details, and executing those plans. Alongside the planners we also need the ‘doers’, volunteers who will get stuck in and help. Why not help us deepen relationships at CCU through planning camps and other social gatherings?


Committing to meeting with the team to plan:

Church camp 2023

Carols / Easter events

Church braais and other socials

Signing up as a ‘Doer’ to get stuck in on event days


2 hours a week for two months leading up to the event

God has blessed us with a building in which we can gather as a church family and welcome new people. We want to provide a welcoming and safe space in which to do this. Why not use your gifts for maintenance for the gospel!

Chat to admin for more info

One of the ways God grows us in our faith is through good Christian books. We want to facilitate this at CCU by selling good books to our church family at our Sunday services. 


Help sell books at one of our services on a Sunday. Contact admin for more info –