Discover Jesus

Discover Jesus is an eight-week course that runs every term at CCU.  Its aim is to offer a closer look at who Jesus is, why he came and how we should respond to him. It is for everyone who is new to CCU – whether they’ve been Christians for a long time, or are sceptical about Christianity, or somewhere in between. It is non-threatening, non-defensive and a time for interaction and questions. You will not be asked to read aloud, pray, sing or speak at all – unless you want to! Email us to find out more, or sign up HERE.

Discover the Reformation

When we learn about the Reformation we are doing far more than merely studying history or even our theological heritage; we will discover the glorious truths that were lost but came to light by God’s grace at the Reformation. And those truths are certainly not abstract or irrelevant. They call us back from the same errors that rob Christians of assurance and God of glory. The Reformation was not an unimportant theological scuffle but the rediscovery of biblical essentials for living the Christian life.