Holiday Bible Club

Holiday Bible Club will be running each morning, 8.00 am-12.30 pm, Tuesday to Friday. It is for Grade R-7 and will be a club full of energy, excitement, singing, games, crafts, drama, cooking and much more. Also each day the children will look at a Bible story about Jesus. .The cost is R70 per day or R250 for all 4 days. Please sign up here: Sign up closes 12 July.

PLEASE NOTE THE DATE CHANGE: It is no longer from the 11-14 of July but from the 18-21 of July.

Castaways and Survivors Attend Holiday Club

An article by Imogen Schäfer

Much anticipated CCU’s Holiday Bible Club kicked off on the 14th of July and carried on till the 17th. Over 200 children from Grades R to 7 came every day over the four days. They were split into two age-appropriate clubs – ‘Castaways’ for Grades R to 5 and ‘Survivor’ for Grades 6 to 7.

Castaway Club children had a blast with their baking, games and craft without the focus of the children learning about Jesus being lost. This year Nicky Morris told the story of Jonah to the kids with the help of a series of dramas and videos. The story taught them that God is always in control and is loving, merciful and forgiving. As told from the Bible, the children learnt that if they repented of their sins and put their faith in Christ they could be saved and brought into God’s family.

Survivor Club’s older children were also challenged with the same story and message but taught by Michael Schäfer. Great encouragement came from the fact that the number of older children who came and heard the gospel has increased greatly this year. They engaged in many activities which fitted to the theme of Survivor. Activities included fire making, exotic food tasting and tramping through the flood plain. Overall the Grade 6s and 7s had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

God can be thanked that so many children attended and heard His word. This year’s July Holiday Club saw a few changes: the children were split into age categories and the new Coffee Corner became a reality. At the latter parents had the opportunity to have a coffee after dropping their children off.

All the children had great fun and eagerly await the December Holiday Bible Club and the opportunity to have more fun and hear God’s word.

Super Human Club Shares the Gospel

A report by Lori Turton

“Amanda gives life, Amanda gives life” is what I found myself repeating during the most popular game at Super Human club. I thought it was funny that just minutes before I was telling the children that Jesus gives life. It could seem a contradiction except all they got from Amanda was a rubber band that enabled them to play the game.

Over these last two weeks a team of volunteers from Christ Church Umhlanga and various other churches led the Super Human clubs at three Primary Schools. It was a fantastic opportunity to share the gospel with 355 Grade 7 children.

We started with Glen Ashley Primary where the majority of children followed other religions and we found that sin had to be explained carefully as it was a new concept for many. Graham Heslop and Grant Retief did the main talks and the leaders were given time after the talk each day to get to know the children in their groups and answer their questions.

We spent one day at Virginia Prep where Andy Pike told the children that there were two ways to live: with Christ as the King, or as their own King. The last school was Chelsea Prep where we had 140 children listen to talks by Graham and Grant.

We had a lot of fun playing games and getting to know the children, but it was the fact that the gospel was preached to many who may not have otherwise had a chance to hear it that made Super Human Club a worthwhile endeavour.

So as Amanda enthusiastically handed out innumerable rubber bands, our hope was that the gospel would continue to spread in the same way.