Can I really trust the Bible? – Barry Cooper

Can I really trust the bible? In all honesty I was first attracted to this book because it was thin. When it comes to theological books, I often struggle to read lengthy and academic books. This book is easy to read, but it is jam packed with information. I personally wanted to read this book…
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5 things to pray in global crisis “We are living in extraordinary times – timesthat will permanently shape us, our families andour nations. The COVID-19 pandemic has shownus that, even in the 21st-century Western world,life is fragile, wealth is fleeting and plans areeasily disrupted... And what does James urgeGod’s people to do when crises come?…
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All Things for Good – Thomas Watson

All Things for GoodLife during the pandemic is hard. Christians (like everyone) are losing jobs, struggling with loneliness, and worried about the future. Even though we know God is in control we still ask questions like: Why is God doing this? How can God allow something so bad to happen to me/Christians? How can losing…
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Basic Christianity

Let me begin with shameful honesty. I was asked to write a review on Basic Christianity, to which I obliged. As I began to read the book, I was easily taken by pride and arrogance because I thought I had a good and sufficient knowledge of Christ. I must apologize. You see, I know that…
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