5 things to pray in global crisis

“We are living in extraordinary times – times
that will permanently shape us, our families and
our nations. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown
us that, even in the 21st-century Western world,
life is fragile, wealth is fleeting and plans are
easily disrupted… And what does James urge
God’s people to do when crises come? ‘Is anyone
among you in trouble? Let them pray’ (James 5 v 13)”

If I’m being totally honest, I struggled to see the need for
me to read this book. I mean, I know that God is in control of
this pandemic, so why do I need to pray about it? Surely that
applies to those with less faith in God’s sovereignty… Well,
reading the first page of Rachel Jones’ introduction was all it
took to make me stop in my track of pride. I realized that
living in a comfortable coronavirus-free home had caused me
to lose compassion for those who aren’t as fortunate as I am.
Ok, so I guess should be praying then. But wait, what exactly
am I supposed to pray?
As you can probably tell, I needed to read this book more
than I realized, so I continued to read the book through. And
what I found in this 53-page book, was probably one of the
most helpful prayer guides that I have read to date. 

In it, the author not only tells us why we should pray, but also how we should pray. 

She highlights 21 different aspects of life during this pandemic and how to pray well for yourself, your loved ones and your church…for the response in your nation and across the world…and for God’s Kingdom. Each prayer suggestion is based on a passage of the Bible and is fleshed out by using five specific prayer points for each one of those 21 subjects.

Now if you’re like me and realize just how much you need to
learn about praying for others, yourself, and for God’s will to
be done, then this is an excellent book for you to read. And
as Rachel Jones puts it, “When righteous people pray
righteous prayers, things happen. Things change. God is
powerful; and so your prayers are too.”

Review by Josh Ganesh

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