Can I really trust the bible?

In all honesty I was first attracted to this book because it was thin. When it comes to theological books, I often struggle to read lengthy and academic books. This book is easy to read, but it is jam packed with information.

I personally wanted to read this book because, although I completely trust the Bible, I couldn’t really articulate why. I wanted to be better prepared if someone asked me or if I was presented with controversies about Scripture. The beauty of this book is that it is for the sceptic, academic or every day reader.

Some of us may know the Bible verse which states that ‘all Scripture is God breathed’ – 2 Tim. 3:16 by the way – but how does that translate into the history and compilation of the Bible? Why are some chapters omitted from the Bible? Why should we have faith in something that was put together by mere men? Isn’t the Bible a bit outdated? Surely it has been corrupted over time? These are all questions that I am now able to answer confidently after reading this book.

This book is a great amalgamation of Scripture, historical facts and relatable statements. It is easy to read and understand, but will leave you with a profound reverence for the word of God. This book took me one day to read but has had a lasting effect on my Christian walk.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who cannot confidently answer the question: Can I really trust the Bible?

By Jess James

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