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Fellowship, Feast & Flourish – Final post for 2019

This is the final 2019 post for use in ladies' triplets. It incorporates eight of the tools you have learnt this year. Let's get going! Read Luke 13:1-5 below. For literary context look up and read from 12:35 through to 13:9. Vocabulary: in a New Bible Dictionary (if you have access to one) look up the words ‘Pilate’ and ‘Siloam’.…
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On 14 July Grant Retief preached a sermon on 1 Corinthians 7:1-5 at CCU (see passage below). The title of his talk was ‘If I were God I wouldn’t be so strict about sex’. Context Look up this passage in its immediate context, reading from 6:12 to 7:17. Repetition Highlight in this longer section all…
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Material for Feasting, Fellowship & Flourishing-13

At the Holiday Bible Club service on 7 July 2019 Grant Retief preached briefly from Luke 23. It’s a short but rich passage (see below). Look at the word ‘kingdom’ for instance in verse 42. The New Bible Dictionary explains that the word ‘kingdom’ brings with it associations of judgement, a call to repentance, and,…
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On 30 June 2019 a guest preacher to CCU, John Mason, preached a sermon on 2 Corinthians 4:1-6 (the NIV passage below). John’s keywords for this passage were: ‘light shining in darkness’. The author of the Corinthians passage uses an important Old Testament quotation that influences the meaning of this New Testament section. In your…
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