Why you should read God’s Big Picture

A review by Annari van Jaarsveld

When I finished reading this book, I was in awe.

I think that every single Christian should read it. At least once. All the birthday gifts for my family for this year are sorted – they know what they’re getting.

You might ask why one should spend money on Christian books at all if the Bible is enough. I am going to give you several reasons why reading God’s Big Picture by Vaughan Roberts will be beneficial to your Christian journey.

  • It sheds light on God’s Word in many different ways. Ever struggled understanding what you’re reading in the Bible and where it fits in? Ever struggled finding a central theme in the Bible? This book is for you!
  • It’s all about Jesus! Like an intricate tapestry, it weaves together all the strands pointing towards Jesus, Jesus’s time on Earth and, eventually, His second coming. When you stand back, you can see God’s beautiful plan of salvation throughout the Bible and know that it was the plan all along – from the beginning and even before the beginning of time!
  • It’s personal, relevant and applicable. Ever wondered how to make God’s Word practically applicable in your own life? After each chapter in God’s Big Picture, there is a Bible Study with both simple and challenging questions in order to put God’s Word into practice. Thus, it can also be used as small group material.
  • It shows us our purpose. Ever thought I know Jesus died on the cross for me many years ago and I know that one day I will meet Him face to face in Heaven…but what now? God’s Big Picture leads us to where we fit in the story, how we are to live in relationship with God and what we are to do in response.
  • It is easy to read and understand. The Bible shouldn’t be confusing or contradicting to us if we use it as a map or compass for our lives as Christians. Vaughan Roberts guides us through the Bible in simple terms, but it doesn’t have simple consequences – it is life-changing! Teenagers and adults alike will be transformed by its message.

I hope that this has given you ample motivation to get this book as soon as possible!

God’s Big Picture is on sale at CCU for R100.

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