The Ladies of Ruth

On Monday 11 June 2018 Jenny Salt from Australia spoke from the book of Ruth to a

180 ladies getting ready to hear from the book of Ruth

gathering of ladies at CCU. She explained chapter one of the book, leaving the ladies hungry for more. Hungry to hear more of the God Jenny had shown was good, compassionate and sovereign. In chapter one the situation for Ruth and for her mother-in-law, Naomi, the listeners heard, was pretty grim. Death had touched them both and left them empty. Where was God in that difficulty? He was right there, said Jenny, and he was in control. Romans 8:28, Jenny concluded, was applicable here because it says, And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good for those who are called according to his purposes. Ruth had been called for a purpose.

Ladies’ gathering

One hundred and eighty ladies from four coastal REACH churches, and from churches in our locality, attended the event, many wearing cultural dress in line with our cultural theme. A book table provided ladies with a wide choice of books pertinent to Ruth topics. Tables set up in the foyer were filled with plates of ‘cultural’ finger food attendees brought themselves. Every bite was a surprising delight and the ladies certainly had no reason to leave hungry on that front! An opening ice breaker conducted by the highly amusing

Enjoying a cultural feast

Chantel Seukaran saw Barbara Jellis from CCU awarded ‘foodie of the night’ title. And the final delight of this well-attended, well-organised and heartily enjoyed evening was a music piece performed by Alicia Ganesan and Annari van Jaarsveld from CCU.

Thank you ladies for a lovely evening. To hear more of Ruth’s Journey by Jenny Salt visit the following link:

Lillibet Retief with our speaker Jenny Salt

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