Our beliefs


Theologically, we trace our heritage back to the Protestant Reformation of the 16th century, which was a deliberate break from the church that no longer treated the Bible as authoritative and sufficient for the Christian life. Picking up on the touch points of the Reformation: the Bible alone is our authority; salvation comes through faith in Christ alone, which is by the grace of God alone; and in all the works of God and his church we are persuaded that God pursues his glory alone. What we teach is not determined by the whims of mankind but the Word of God, his Bible. When that is done faithfully, with humility and passion, God’s church will be a place of his grace, the work of Christ, and the gospel is celebrated to his glory.


We are convinced that Jesus is God’s full and final revelation to us, thus there is no better word to expect from God (Hebrews 1:1-4). Because of Jesus’ own testimony and teaching we are also convinced that the Bible is all about him. Therefore we read the Bible through the lens of Christ’s life, death and resurrection. We also treat the Bible as our highest authority, since this has been a mark of the Christian church for nearly two millennia. Taken together, we strive to submit to the Lordship of Christ by submitting to the Bible, over and above any other authority.


In some ways to identify as Anglican and Reformed is redundant, since historically those labels were almost synonymous. But, speaking historically, to say we are Anglican is to trace our theological roots back to the Reformation in England, a close cousin of what took place in Europe. Therefore we hold to the 39 Articles as a superb summary of the essential truths of the Bible. At Christ Church Umhlanga we are committed to the historical and orthodox teaching of the Bible, the Bible’s authority and God’s Truth. All are welcome at Christ Church Umhlanga.