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How Beautiful are the Feet who Bring Good News

What we’ve been doing this year is learning to discover God’s Word ourselves. Through the Swedish and the COMA methods we’ve learnt, some things in the Bible have (I hope!) become clearer. By reading God’s Word we have: Exposed ourselves to lifegiving, life-changing stuff: So is my word that goes out from my mouth: It…
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Are You Wearing the Right Glasses?

Last month we spoke about consciously fixing our minds on Christ. This month we turn to someone who can help us with that – the Holy Spirit. Who is the Holy Spirit and What does He Do? When we become Christians the Spirit of God miraculously comes to live inside of us. While in us…
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Selflessness: A Challenge to our Rights

Last month Last month we looked at how our sovereign, compassionate God disciplines/trains us through difficulties. The aim of God’s discipline/training was to help us respond to difficulties the way Jesus would, and therefore to make us more Christlike. This month This month we look at how to be more Christlike in the area of…
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Rest on the Power of the Gospel

I think most people would agree that the opposite of the term self-control is losing control. Having a meltdown, losing your temper. This meaning stems from the ‘control’ segment of the term ‘self-control’. But if we focus on the ‘self’ segment of the term ‘self-control’ another opposite emerges: ‘other’.  Other-control. Controlling people and circumstances. (For…
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