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10-Minute Version The destiny of every Christian is to become what they are in Christ (Alive in Him, Gloria Furman). We are no longer doomed to follow our sinful ways. But living according to our new nature can be a struggle and consequently a discouragement. Discuss with your partner/s one area in which you struggle…
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10-Minute Version In Ephesians 4 Paul calls ordinary Christians to be builders. Builders of one another. Builders with the aim of maturing one another in Christ. How do we go about building or maturing one another? We do it by ‘truthing with each other in rooted love’ (Alive in Him, Gloria Furman). Or, as Ephesians…
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What does it mean to find our identity in Christ?

Who am I? This is a question we often ask ourselves, particularly when we are younger and our identities are still forming. The thing is, the answer to this question changes, as life changes. Who am I if I’m a Christian? The answer to this question includes being able to say: I am IN Christ…
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Selflessness: A Challenge to our Rights

Last month Last month we looked at how our sovereign, compassionate God disciplines/trains us through difficulties. The aim of God’s discipline/training was to help us respond to difficulties the way Jesus would, and therefore to make us more Christlike. This month This month we look at how to be more Christlike in the area of…
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