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Fellowship, Feast & Flourish – Final post for 2019

This is the final 2019 post for use in ladies' triplets. It incorporates eight of the tools you have learnt this year. Let's get going! Read Luke 13:1-5 below. For literary context look up and read from 12:35 through to 13:9. Vocabulary: in a New Bible Dictionary (if you have access to one) look up the words ‘Pilate’ and ‘Siloam’.…
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Why you should read God’s Big Picture

A review by Annari van Jaarsveld When I finished reading this book, I was in awe. I think that every single Christian should read it. At least once. All the birthday gifts for my family for this year are sorted - they know what they're getting. You might ask why one should spend money on…
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